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What to eat in Rome

What to eat in Rome? If you want to eat well in a foreign city, it’s always a good idea to do some research before you go. I didn’t do any research before going to Rome. Slight mistake. But Rome … Continue reading

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Breakfast in Rome

A Roman breakfast is not a gentle start to the day. On our recent stay in the Eternal City (2 months ago is recent, right?), our budget hotel gave us vouchers for breakfast at the bar downstairs. The bar was … Continue reading

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Via Margutta, Rome

Via Margutta is a particularly pretty Roman Street between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. Faded yellow and terracotta buildings, 3 and 4 storeys high, line the narrow laneway. Long, thick vines trail down walls and over archways, their … Continue reading

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When in Rome

On a grey morning in late October, we caught a series of trains (Mantova-Modena-Bologna-Rome) to Italy’s ancient capital. By lunchtime we were eating at an outdoor table at a Roman restaurant. The waiters were those elderly/middle-aged Italian guys that you … Continue reading

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New Red Kitchen

About one year ago, we moved into a lovely new house and one of its many delightful features is the new red kitchen. Actually, only the kitchen cabinets are red, but such is their glossy lustre that the entire room … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Season

I know it’s autumn when Signor Lu’s uncle arrives at our house with a crate of pomegranates from his brother’s tree. This year he arrived with a particularly abundant offering. For the past week we have been eating one or … Continue reading

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In the dog days of summer, a nice gardener came round and sprayed the weeds in our “garden”. For a few weeks, our front yard looked like this: The above was a vast improvement on the jungle of weeds that … Continue reading

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Memorable Meals in the Med

One of the many delights of the Med, Sicily in this particular case, is the unpretentious yet delicious meals they serve. The food is local, by which I mean the menu is shaped by geography, tradition and Sicily’s agriculture. It’s highly familiar: Mediterranean/Italian/Sicilian … Continue reading

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A Mediterranean Journey

Close your eyes. I’m taking you on a journey. Oh wait! This is a blog, a visual medium. Better keep your eyes open. Destination? A Mediterranean island. Forget the indignities of low-cost airlines: we’re there already! This is Trapani in … Continue reading

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My Summer Started in Sicily

Just back from a 5-day holiday in Sicily. (Scopello to be precise, in the province of Trapani.) Did I have a good time? Mmm…let me see…where’s my checklist? Oh, here it is: All right. Yes, I think it’s fair to … Continue reading

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