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The Great Gatsby

In my final year of secondary school, The Great Gatsby was on the required reading list for English. I eagerly lapped it up. It seemed to conform to the type of fiction I felt I ought to be reading. Immature … Continue reading

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At the Movies in Italy

In my last post I wrote that I don’t like dubbed films because I can’t commit to movie characters who have been stripped of their real voices. But I’m not sure that commitment is really the issue. At the weekend … Continue reading

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The Artist

I don’t go to the cinema very often in Italy because: (a) I’m not interested in 92.5 % of the films on offer; and (b) all non-Italian films in Italian cinemas are dubbed into Italian. The quality of the dubbing … Continue reading

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Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake. It lies in the north and its shores are dotted with pretty towns and villages, some of which I’ve blogged about before. Bardolino is on the east shore of the lake, where there’s a … Continue reading

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Australia: the film

    Coincidence or not: on the evening before Australia Day, SKY, Murdoch’s satellite channel, screened the film Australia?   I decided to watch it – half expecting not to like it on the grounds that I hadn’t been able to sit through … Continue reading

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