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The Great Gatsby

In my final year of secondary school, The Great Gatsby was on the required reading list for English. I eagerly lapped it up. It seemed to conform to the type of fiction I felt I ought to be reading. Immature … Continue reading

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Blackbird Days

In the Lombardy region of Italy where I live, the last days of January are called the days of the blackbird (i giorni della merla). According to legend, the blackbird was once a white bird. One day in late January, … Continue reading

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At the Movies in Italy

In my last post I wrote that I don’t like dubbed films because I can’t commit to movie characters who have been stripped of their real voices. But I’m not sure that commitment is really the issue. At the weekend … Continue reading

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The Artist

I don’t go to the cinema very often in Italy because: (a) I’m not interested in 92.5 % of the films on offer; and (b) all non-Italian films in Italian cinemas are dubbed into Italian. The quality of the dubbing … Continue reading

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Draquila – Italy Trembles (a true horror story)

When I heard that  the Italian Minister of Culture was boycotting the Cannes Film Festival in protest over the out of competition screening of the Italian documentary Draquila, I had to see the film for myself. The film casts a … Continue reading

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Australia: the film

    Coincidence or not: on the evening before Australia Day, SKY, Murdoch’s satellite channel, screened the film Australia?   I decided to watch it – half expecting not to like it on the grounds that I hadn’t been able to sit through … Continue reading

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The Reader: the film

I watched The Reader on SKY recently.  I didn’t like it very much because I just couldn’t buy into the story. From the moment the film began, it didn’t make sense that the characters were going about their business in … Continue reading

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Twilight: the film

   I became aware of the Twilight phenomenon last year when my teenage English language students:      (a) began asking me what “twilight” meant;     (b) gave oral reports on the subject (book and film); and      (c) wrote me Twilight film reviews.      Some … Continue reading

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