What to eat in Rome

What to eat in Rome?

If you want to eat well in a foreign city, it’s always a good idea to do some research before you go.

I didn’t do any research before going to Rome. Slight mistake.

But Rome is a foodie’s city, so we had some positive eating experiences in spite of my lack of preparation.

These positive experiences were had at:


This restaurant can be found at the Maxxi (the National Museum of 21st Century Art). Here we had a delicious buffet lunch of fresh, well-prepared, modern Italian cuisine. Cost:  18 euros a head.


This photo does not do the buffet justice, either in terms of quality or quantity.


The restaurant itself is very aesthetically-pleasing.

da Trani Rome Restaurant

Located in a side street off Via Nazionale, this place was a fortuitous find. The staff were amazingly patient and tolerant of Signor Lu’s cross-examinations of the daily specials. (Romans give as good as they get.)

We had a very tasty mezze maniche all’amatriciana (short tubular pasta with a cured pork cheek sauce and pecorino -Roman cheese)  and linguine all’aragosta (pasta with lobster) – washed down with the house white wine.



Nuova Stella Trattoria

We had a simple but satisfying lunch at Nuova Stella, located near Rome’s main train station. Pizza with mozzarella and tomatoes and some grilled squid.


Tartufo nero (the black truffle)

Signor Lu had a tartufo nero in Piazza Navona. The tartufo nero is a very rich and sickly iced dessert. Not for the delicate of stomach. He could not eat all of it and so threw most of it away. I know that is not a ringing endorsement but the black truffle of Piazza Navona is something of a Roman ritual. Someone in your party should sacrifice their better judgement and try it out…


A post-dinner reflection

These days, practically every Italian eating, drinking and boarding establishment has a Trip Advisor sticker on its front door. The owl icon has become fairly meaningless and does not necessarily indicate good quality.

This is my last post for 2013, so a very happy New Year to anyone who may be reading this post. Buon Anno!


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