Breakfast in Rome

A Roman breakfast is not a gentle start to the day.

On our recent stay in the Eternal City (2 months ago is recent, right?), our budget hotel gave us vouchers for breakfast at the bar downstairs.

The bar was pleasant and clean. The breakfast consisted of a cappuccino, a pastry and, for a few extra euro, a freshly-squeezed orange juice. This was the right combo of caffeine, sugar and vitamin C to get us started for the day.

The view from the bar window was that of parked vehicles along narrow streets.

Traffic trickled and spurted along these secondary arteries. Horns honked clamourously and brakes screeched: the ideal backing track to the music inside the bar – the hissing of the coffee machine, the rattling of cups, the clanging of spoons on saucers and the chit chat of customers.

romebreakfast10202 romebreakfast20200 romebreakfast30201

A Roman breakfast is not a gentle start to the day, but it will wake you up!


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