Via Margutta, Rome

Via Margutta is a particularly pretty Roman Street between Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna.

Faded yellow and terracotta buildings, 3 and 4 storeys high, line the narrow laneway.

Long, thick vines trail down walls and over archways, their green leafiness softening the ageing edifices.



viamargutta-arch0199Via Margutta is not a Roman secret.

Federico Fellini lived there. A plaque marks the spot.

viamargutta-plaque0196What does the plaque say? I shall transcribe it for you because I am that kind of blogger:

Quante strade rare e belle so l’orgoglio dè sto monno / che t’incanti ner vedelle./ Io però sai che risponno?/ Via Margutta ormai è lampante /che le batte tutte quante / perchè è unica e speciale/ e per monno nun c’è uguale!

Loose translation (warning: my Romanesco is even worse than my standard Italian. In fact, I’m not even sure whether the plaque is Roman dialect as Fellini was not a native of Roman. But here goes, anyway:)

How many rare and lovely streets are the pride of this world/ enchanting you when you see them? /But you know how I respond? /Via Margutta, by now it’s clear, beats them all because it’s unique and special and in this world there’s nothing the same!

Do I agree with Federico Fellini?

On a sunny autumn afternoon it was hard to disagree.


We discovered Via Margutta because we ate at a very disappointing vegetarian restaurant called Ristor Arte il Margutta.

But more on what I ate in Rome in a coming post.


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