On Being 47

Looking Back

46 is already behind me and now I am 47; newly 47. Today is my birthday.

46 was a good year. I moved into a new house. I worked hard. I visited Paris, Sicily and Rome (more on that in future posts). I cemented existing friendships and let others fade away. It happens. That’s life.


Being 46 (just!) in Rome.

What did I learn? I don’t think I acquired any new skills – sad to say – but I was constantly reminded of several things:

  • Take nothing for granted.
  • The battle is never won.
  • Buyer beware!
  • Be nice but never obsequious.
  • Work hard but take time out to de-stress.
  • Smell the roses.

I have also learned, or perhaps re-learned, that when you can’t get your own way, a little reverse psychology can work wonders 🙂

Looking Forward

Things I should do while I’m busy being 47:

  • Work, but not harder, just do things differently and always explore ways of doing things better.
  • Move more in order to fight off incipient decreptitude.
  • Eat more greens.
  • Drink more water.
  • Go to the hairdresser regularly and experiment with growing out my artificial colour and letting myself go grey.
  • Write in my diary regularly.
  • Discover new music.
  • Take care of my garden and outsmart that neighbourhood cat that keeps pooping in the stones around our shrubbery.
  • Laugh!
  • Read more.
  • Be less judgemental.
  • Learn some Spanish.

I think that should keep me pretty busy.


About cityoflu

Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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2 Responses to On Being 47

  1. No wonder I love reading your blog, Lu. I also celebrated my birthday nearly the same day as yours but two days earlier. It sounds like you did have a great year, and I hope this coming year is just as lovely. Happy belated birthday!

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