New Red Kitchen

About one year ago, we moved into a lovely new house and one of its many delightful features is the new red kitchen.

Actually, only the kitchen cabinets are red, but such is their glossy lustre that the entire room basks in their cheery glow.

newredkitchen-fromdoor0186Some people say that red is an appetite stimulant. Fast-food outlets use it in the hope that their customers will eat more and therefore spend more too.

But the new red kitchen hasn’t turned us into greedy gluttons. Not yet, anyway.

If anything, I have simplified my cooking and added new food items onto my list of things I prefer not to eat.  (These are mostly meat products.) I get pickier and pickier as I get older.

The fridge is usually empty, too.

But what’s nice, is that the red kitchen is a very comforting and caring place. Even a stale, dry cracker tastes good in there.


It’s a very lovely space to come home to.

In summer, we open up the french doors in the evenings and revel in the extra daylight hours.

In winter, we close the heavy window shutters and take shelter from the elements.


It’s not a huge space, nor is it a luxurious kitchen, but we are very happy with it. Our new red kitchen is a modest success story.



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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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2 Responses to New Red Kitchen

  1. I really love it, Lu! Right down to the gorgeous ceramic tile floors and the stainless Alessi teakettle in pic #2, your kitchen’s just fabulous. Speaking as a homeowner who’s had to ‘re-gentrify’ / improve on an older home in my case (and overspent doing it), I’m quite envious! Your red kitchen’s beautiful!

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