In the dog days of summer, a nice gardener came round and sprayed the weeds in our “garden”.

For a few weeks, our front yard looked like this:

garden-before0157The above was a vast improvement on the jungle of weeds that had preceded it.

And then the friendly gardener came round again. With help from his labourers (a younger man and an elderly gent), he worked away and established a little garden for us.


View from the front porch.


View from the front gate.


He installed an arch over the front gate and planted some climbing roses at its base. Come next spring, the roses will run rampant all over the arch –  so we hope.


 He also planted a pomegranate tree, which is already bearing fruit.

The pleasant gardener then scattered some lawn seed, gave us some gardening tips, and left.

The sun shone and we watered our garden as instructed.

Neighbours passed by and complimented us on the transformation of our jungle. (Admittedly, we  had  been dragging the whole neighbourhood down.)

Within 10 days the grass began to grow.




And that, dear reader, was how our garden was born.

We are delighted with it!

Before the garden was planted, an assortment of potted plants kept us company over the long, hot summer.  They, too, are rather happy with their new surroundings.

My faithful basil which has enhanced many a meal at casa nostra.

My faithful basil which has enhanced many a meal at casa nostra.

My scene-stealing surfinia.

My scene-stealing surfinia (aka petunia).

Stay tuned for details of the rear garden.


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