My Summer Started in Sicily

Just back from a 5-day holiday in Sicily. (Scopello to be precise, in the province of Trapani.)

Did I have a good time?

Mmm…let me see…where’s my checklist? Oh, here it is:

sicily 001

All right. Yes, I think it’s fair to say I had an excellent holiday.

Some photos:

Hand stand in hotel swimming pool.

Hand stand in hotel pool.

Photos of my feet

Holiday snaps of my feet.

Breakfast outside. I'm already missing Sicilian tomatoes.

Breakfast outside. I’m already missing Sicilian tomatoes.

Mediterranean garden beds.

Mediterranean garden beds.

Azzure blue waters of the Med.

A glimpse of the azzure blue waters of the Med offset by the heady aromas of Mediterranean flora.

To be continued!


About cityoflu

Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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One Response to My Summer Started in Sicily

  1. Your outstanding photographs make me really want to go visit Sicily (as if I needed any more encouragement!). Looks like a lovely holiday you’ve had. And yes – I’d love to try those tomatoes also!!)

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