Moulin Rouge

After our Paris by night experience, the same tour bus dropped us off at Moulin Rouge. We had tickets for the 11 pm Féerie cabaret show.


Promotional poster found here.

The entertainment opened with a cheesy dance number in which the lyrics were something like “bonsy, bonsy” and the dancers wiggled their posteriors in an unbecoming fashion…fortunately the show got better as it went along.

There were many costume changes, and some of the garments were quite elaborate, so it was understandable that some of the dancers sometimes forgot to put their tops on ;).

Between the dance numbers, there were side acts: a ventriloquist, a strongman and his lithe lady friend, a topless woman swimming with giant snakes. None of these acts upstaged the dancers.

The pace was about right and the content light, fluffy and undemanding. (I caught my 70 year-old mum nodding off a couple of times, but it was past her regular bedtime.)

The highlights of the cabaret were the dancing and the costumes. The dancers were clearly professionals and there were some thrillingly high kicks during the can can. And the fancy frocks were somehow enhanced by the semi-nudity.

If there were recurring themes in the show, they were Paris for English-speaking tourists and toplessness.

As to the latter, it was never lewd or lascivious – just good old exhibitionism (look at me!). It was a bit like a day at a European or Australian beach.

However, we were sitting towards the back and so the nudity was not in our faces. Signor Lu suggested that the people in the front row were having a different experience. He holds the view that close-up nudity and more distant nudity are not quite birds of the same boa feather.

It was a fun night out. I clapped along, tapped my feet and smiled. Mercifully, the show was unlike the film (which I found unwatchable).

I could have done with less of the ventriloquist. (Apparently, once upon a time last century, he used to appear quite regularly on Italian tv. That is not a ringing endorsement for any entertainer!!)

The tour company picked us up outside the venue at the end of the night and drove us back to our hotel. The metro was closed by then.  The absence of transport problems rounded off a pleasant night out. 

I took a quick snap of the venue when we came out. No photos allowed inside.

I took a quick snap of the venue when we came out. No photos allowed inside.


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