Paris by Night

When in a foreign city, do you ever watch those gaudy tourist buses (especially the hop-on-hop-off variety) go by, and feel smugly superior to the people on board?

In Paris, we put our pretensions aside and eagerly clambered aboard the France Tourisme’s double-decker tour bus for a night-time tour of the city.

The bus drove through Paris traffic which was  an adventure in itself. The roundabout at the Arc De Triomphe is gargantuan and chaotic – and completely worth experiencing from the relative safety of a big bus.

We listened to an audio guide part of the time. It cut in and out and my earplugs kept falling out. (Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me with my undersized ear holes?) I can’t remember any of the commentary.

My 70 year-old mum nodded off a few times but woke up when we stopped in front of the Eiffel tower.


Our fellow night-riders went wild with their cameras /smart phones at the sight of Paris’ most famous building all lit up. Yes, OK, I took a few snaps myself.

At precisely 10 p.m, the Eiffel Tower light show began: sparkling and twinkling as though it were New Year’s Eve all over again.

It was spellbinding and slightly hypnotic. Definitely worth seeing.


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2 Responses to Paris by Night

  1. JulietS says:

    Stunning photos! Le tour eiffel is simply magical and it just captures my heart when I look at it every time.

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