Paris: Where not to go for a drink on a Saturday night

We arrived in Paris on a Saturday afternoon, Signor Lu and I.

Without any hiccups, we got got from the airport to our hotel via the €10 roissybus. (A multilingual on-board screen made the route crystal clear.)

At the hotel, we met my mum who had arrived from Australia two days earlier.

Our hotel was in the 8th arrondissement, a 5-minute walk from the famous Parisian department stores, Printemps and Lafayette.

We decided to visit Printemps on that first evening. Not so much for the shopping – retail therapy is not my thing – in fact, rather than buying things in shops, I take photos of them. Then I spend hours debating whether I really want them or not. Pardon the digression. We went to Printemps for the panoramic terrace and a pre-dinner drink.

The panoramic terrace did not disappoint. It provided our first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.


The drink and snack options, though, looked a bit lame (cafeteria-style) and so not what we were looking for on our first night in the so-called gourmet capital.

Printemps has other eateries besides those on the Panoramic Terrace so we decided to explore them. It was not particularly easy to find them, even with the store map in hand.

Eventually we found the Printemps Brasserie and had a drink under the opulent Belle Epoque glass cupola.


However, because of the store’s closing hours, it’s not really an ideal spot for a Saturday night drink. Snacks were not being served when we were there at 7.15 p.m. and they had run out of Aperol Spritz!

We drank campari mixed with lemonade instead. € 7.30 a pop, which is mildly extortionate. (We had to mix it ourselves, pouring the lemonade in from a small bottle.)



The mirror-topped tables allowed us to gaze at the handsome ceiling without straining our necks.

The people-watching was unremarkable: there were few of them (people, that is)  and they looked very normal.

Swanky though it may be, I would not recommend the Printemps Brasserie for a pre-dinner drink on a Saturday night. Go elsewhere!

I'm enjoying flicking through the Printemps store catalogue.

Nevertheless, back in the comfort of my own home, I’m enjoying flicking through the Printemps store catalogue.


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