I survived Paris.

As I wrote previously, on my first trip to Paris I had an encounter with a pickpocket.

So on this second trip, I tried to stay alert at all times. I tried to imagine I was a ninja.

I was with my 70-year-old mother and Signor Lu.

We had only one unwelcome approach: a young man at the Pompidou Centre asked Signor Lu for a light. “No!!” I barked at the stranger, as I stared him down.  Insouciantly, he moved away and bothered someone else.

For the remainder of the time, no one interfered with our trio.

We bought a 2-day ticket for the metro and used it a lot. Up and down stairs and escalators we went, checking the map, plotting a course, selecting the exit that best matched our needs.

Where I live (Mantova, Italy) the transport options are:

  • the car
  • the ponderously slow bus
  • the train
  • the bicycle (sharing narrow roads with speeding vehicles)
  • feet

Therefore, for me, the Paris metro is a curiously delightful, multi-tentacled wonder.

I enjoyed our subterranean travels as much as I enjoyed arriving at our above-ground destinations.

And of course, some Paris metro stations are graced by pleasingly retro signage.

paris2013 004

Even ninjas on a city break can’t  resist whipping out their iPhones and taking a quick snap of iconic fonts or metro stations with special themes.

paris2013 005

The Arts et Mêtiers (Arts and Crafts) station has been transformed into a version of Jules Verne’s Nautilus submarine.

More blog posts about Paris to come.


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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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