Smart Cities

Can you guess the world’s smartest city?

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not on Italian soil!

In order to qualify as a smart city, according to The Daily Conversation, you need to score highly in 4 categories:

  • Innovation
  • Green ranking
  • Quality of life
  • Digital city

We see glimmers of these things in Italian cities but never on a grand scale or seamlessly integrated into the fabric of daily city living. 

The closest thing I’ve seen to a smart city here is Trieste, on the Adriatic Coast. Turin, too, deep in the armpit of this peninsula, has a smart-city vibe.

Australian cities are notably absent from the top ten smart cities list but feature in the top ten of livable cities (Sydney and Melbourne). Italian cities do not. That’s nice to know!

So which is the no. 1 smart city in the world right now? You”ll have to watch the video to find out:



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