The Week in Pictures

The week began with a weather forecast that said it was going to be hot, hot, hot – pretty much all week. Fortunately it wasn’t quite as bad as they’d said it would be, but it was still pretty hot.

Italy lost in the European Soccer Championship final to Spain. I say lost but totally outclassed, clobbered and thrashed might be more accurate descriptions. Final result: 4-0. The front pages of the Italian newspapers wallowed in the defeat the following day, but life goes on and nothing has really changed.

In a sweeter vein, cheap peaches and nectarines are suddenly everywhere and this year’s crops are particularly juicy and delicious. (We live close to a stone-fruit agricultural zone.)

Because it’s hot, and I’m not working very much, I bought a monthly swimming pool pass  that gives me cheap entry to the pool if I go at lunch time.

Naturally, as soon as I bought the pass, I was offered more work at around lunch time. This just means that I have to plan ahead in order to ensure I can get to the pool at midday.

The main difficulty with having an unexpected work project in July, is that I was beginning to wind down for the summer and now I have to wind myself up again. That’s not to suggest for one minute that I’m not grateful to have some extra money coming in. (Although I know that with this particular project, the money will come in slowly, as is too often the case in Italy.)

Mid-week we went for a night-time walk in the centre of Mantova, stopping to indulge in a dark chocolate (the bitter kind) ice-cream. I had on my white, cotton trousers and managed NOT to spill any melting gelati on myself. Quite a feat.

The streets were not as deserted as they appear below. On the contrary, there were scores of people having a late night dinner at the outdoor tables in the piazzas.

On Friday I went out for beer and pizza at La Plume in Peschiera del Garda (on Lake Garda).  My smoked swordfish pizza was very, very nice, even if the drizzle of balsamic vinegar was unnecessary (My fault: I should’ve asked the waiter to hold the dressing.)

There was a pretty carousel in Peschiera. They were playing Bee Gees music (something from Saturday Night Fever, I think.) Not sure who exactly the carousel deejay was trying to attract.

Roll on the rest of July 2012.


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