The Summer Solstice

Yesterday, 20 June,  was the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, and thus this year’s longest day. It was early this year because it’s a leap year.

So summer has officially begun – and somewhat sadly, all days from now until December, will be progressively shorter.

But I don’t need a calendar to tell me that summer has officially begun. The temperatures  in Mantova have been in the mid 30s this week and the humidity levels are swelteringly high.

The key to surviving the humidity is to remember some of the things you love about summer. Here is a random sample of images that sum up the good things about summer for me:

Some sketchy plans for summer. (Ice-cream is high on my list).

Fresh fruit popsicles from lilsugar

Water and shade – the ideal pool for the fair-skinned from House and Homes.

Backyard scrabble from Sunset.

Nude summer sandals from

Water. Drink lots of it.

My bike is  getting lots of  action. Illustration via A Cup of Jo

Gorgeous green sanctuaries (from ).


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