Madonna in Italy

Madonna was in Italy last week.

She gave three concerts.

I thought about going to one, but then I remembered that some of her songs really irritate me (Papa Don’t Preach, Like A Prayer, Open your Heart).

Some of her other songs are fun, though, and I will happily bop away to them while driving or while out and about.

In the end, I didn’t buy a ticket.

I did, however, follow the Italian leg of the tour through on-line reports, just to see whether I’d missed anything.

Concert Poster. Image via spetteguless

12 June, Rome

Approximately 42,000 fans (including soccer player Francesco Totti and his wife) were at the not-quite sold out Rome concert.

Madonna arrived an hour and 15 minutes late but gave a show, that according to La Repubblica: “never falters, it runs smoothly and perfectly”.

The diva revealed her underwear (no surprises there) but apparently kept it on (mildly surprising). She did reveal that she had the words “NO FEAR” written on her back. Mmmm…was that the best she could come up with?

She said to the crowd: “When I come to Rome I never know what’s going to happen, but I know I like to live dangerously.”

I don’t think I missed much (or did I?).

14 June, Milan

Again, the diva arrived over an hour late. There were more people at this concert including Mr Dolce, Mr Gabbana and Ms Donatella Versace.

Reviewers noted that it was a flawless show. They also noted that:

  • Madonna is not the most in-tune singer in the world. (But that’s OK. I personally like pop singers to have a few off-key moments during live performances. It feels more real.)
  • She is not the greatest dancer in the world. (I actually think she’s much better than many of her younger rivals.)
  • She has charisma.
  • She puts on an enjoyable show.

Madonna told the crowd that she hoped Italians were still doing it better (a reference to “Italians do it better”, a phrase she popularised during the last century).

Image via

I may have missed something.

I feel that by not attending one of her concerts, I’m not acknowledging her extraordinary pop icon-ness.

On the other hand, the playlist of songs from the concert contains some of my least favourite Madonna numbers (see above).

16 June, Florence

Again, the diva was late (nerves? warming up? waiting for the evening to cool down?).

It sounds like this concert was a carbon copy of the previous concerts. She allegedly said to the crowd: “Florence, this is my last concert in Italy. I’ll be back!”

While in Tuscany, she shot a video for her new single.

She also went sightseeing (The Uffizi Gallery, The Boboli Gardens), indulged in some shopping and rode a bike. She could and would fit seamlessly into Italian society if she lived here.

Image via La Nazione

Image via La Nazione

Next stop: Barcelona – for 2 concerts! – and then on to a breathtaking list of other European cities.

Perhaps I’ll catch her on her next world tour…but first I’ll need to persuade her not to sing certain songs. I’m sure she’ll listen to me.


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