Afternoon in Padova

Last Saturday we had an afternoon to kill in the ancient city of Padova (or Padua),  in northern Italy.

What did we find there?

We found a heavily-porticoed city with stony, stained buildings that look their age.

Padova is not unlike Venice or Verona or even Mantova, but it is significantly bigger than the latter with a population of over 200,000.

Padova City

For lunch we popped into La Cova (The Cove), recommended by a local friend. We had some fish dishes, amongst which, la tartare di tonno (tuna tartare), was especially delicious.

After lunch we headed off to The Basilica of St Anthony. St Ant is the patron saint of Padova and lost objects. Incidentally (or, perhaps,  coincidentally) Signor Lu lost another cap somewhere in Padova.

A nun in immaculate white habit near Sant’Antonio

Internal garden at the Basilica di Sant’Antonio.

The Basilica, with its soaring domed ceilings, has some stunning marble and finely worked objects in gold. You can see the remains of St Anthony – his tongue and chin, for example – on display. These were a little grisly for me!

Back out on the city streets, we saw numerous pretty balconies and stumbled upon some picturesque tree-lined streets.

Padova also has graffiti, which to me, always makes a city seem younger and more lived-in.

Signor Lu stopped for an ice-cream at Grom, a boutique chain (an oxymoron?) of ice-cream shops. Grom prides itself on being environmentally ethical. (Their ice-cream is pretty good too.)

Grom, Padova

I hope to return Padova one day, to explore the city further.


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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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2 Responses to Afternoon in Padova

  1. Mercedes says:

    So beatiful pictures, they bring me even memories. Padova´s travel was one of my dearest ones-if this expression exists in english-. I like a lot this visual tour through the city. 10 points

  2. cityoflu says:

    Thanks Mercedes! I used Instagram and Diptic on my iPhone for the photos. P.S. I like your blog a lot too.

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