Deco Japan

As a bit of light relief from the earthquakes and aftershocks we’ve been having in this part of the world, I’ve been admiring the items in the Deco Japan exhibition at the Japan Society in New York City.

Looking at works of art on-line is not the same as seeing them first-hand, but sometimes it will do.

The exhibition is drawn from The Levenson Collection.

The Levensons, a husband and wife team based in Florida (I believe), have a passion for Asian art and for “deco-inflected” items in particular. Their collection contains “media ranging from paintings and sculpture to matchboxes and songbook covers.” (Source: Studio International).

I particularly like the more low-brow material, or as the Japan Society website describes it: ” (the) evocative ephemera such as sheet music, posters, postcards, prints”. These often feature the moga – the so-called modern girl of the period between the two World Wars and slightly beyond.

I love the look of bold and intricate Japanese script paired with Art Deco’s bold geometric shapes.

I’m not really a collector of anything. I used to collect postcards but now I have my iPhone and my Pinterest boards – ’nuff said!!

Had I the funds and space, I could easily be persuaded to start a collection of Japanese Art Deco pieces – or Japanese anything really.

I would not say “no” to gold and silver origami cranes.

The exhibition closes on 10 June and re-opens in Florida next month. Let’s hope a European tour is in Deco Japan’s future.


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