The New House

The builders tell us that the new house will be finished by the end of the month!

By finished, I think they mean that they will have met their contractual obligations as far as they’re concerned. And we’ll have to finish off the rest – installing the kitchen, shower, bathroom sink and so on.

Sneak peek of new house’s exterior and interior ceiling. (Colour there is!)

Overall I’m happy with the new house.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t spend hours agonizing over some of our choices.

Things I have agonized over in the past week include:

  • The floor tiles in the kitchen and living room. Do I really, really like them? I know I like them but do I really, really like them? And will they match our eclectic (ahem!) furniture better than the other floor tile options that were available?

  • The skirting boards. Did I choose the right skirting boards for us? At first I wanted white skirts but then I started noticing how grotty they can look. (Note: once you start noticing other people’s skirting boards it can be very hard to stop.) The rooms in the new house are not huge and there is likely to be a lot of contact between us, the furniture and the skirting boards (which can lead to smudges and stains). So I went for dark brown skirts. But now that they’ve been installed, I can’t help thinking they look a bit utilitarian and un-chic…

  • The interior door frames. I’m not in love with the door frames we chose. They are dark brown and wooden like the skirting boards and doors and they are also kind of utilitarian and un-chic…I’m trying not to get unhinged by these door frames or to get into an emotional jam(b) about them but when I start making silly puns about something it usually means I’m more than superficially bothered…
By whining about little things, I can see I’m losing sight of the bigger picture. The intention was always to have a functional and practical house that wasn’t hideously ugly (according to our tastes: I really don’t care what anyone else thinks. (I wish that were true!)). Not blowing the budget is another key consideration. 
One thing is for sure: this will not be the last time I blog about the new house. 

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