May Day Bike Ride

The first of May is a public holiday in Italy. We had plans to go on a group bike ride around part of Lake Garda.

A group barbecue was also part of the vision.

But the cycling plans were swiftly cancelled when we woke up to rain.

The BBQ went ahead and was followed by cake and gelati – so the day did not go to waste!

And since the weather fined up a bit, instead of riding around part of Lake Garda, we rode to a new park.

This new park,  the Carpenata Forest, is on the Padana plains in the middle of prime agricultural and industrial land (the two often cohabit in the Lombardy region).

The park is part of a broader regional project to create public green spaces that hint at what the Padana plains might have looked like before farming and factories took over.

There were information panels throughout the park – each of which had been labouriously translated into very tortured English.

Who does it live in the forests of plain? (Manglers of the English language I would hazard to guess.)

Are bad translations really necessary? Doesn’t everyone have smart-phones these days with access to translation tools?

Sub-standard translations notwithstanding, I’m sure I’ll be riding over to the “forest” again before too long.


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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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