25 April: When Cities Remember

In both Italy and Australia, 25 April is a public holiday.

In Italy, the day commemorates the anniversary of liberation from nazi-fascism after the Second World War and is called Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day).  Those who laid down their lives fighting the fascist leader, Mussolini, are remembered on this day.

The bigger Italian cities (Rome, Milan) celebrate with marches, concerts and political rallies.

I’ve never been to a Liberation Day celebration. I always seem to be having a lie-in, then getting up to watch snatches of the ceremony in Rome on TV while listening to stirring speeches from the Italian President about the importance of unification in Italy(especially in these troubled times).

In Australia, 25 April is ANZAC Day. However, ANZAC Day is not a celebration of liberation from fascism. Rather, it is a celebration of liberation from boganism. Just kidding. That hasn’t happened yet. Julia Gillard is still PM.

On a serious and more respectful note, ANZAC Day is a day to remember the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Corps who were killed during the First World War in an unsuccessful military campaign in Gallipoli, Turkey.

As in Italian cities, Australian cities hold ceremonies, marches and concerts on 25 April.

These annual events help us to remember how lucky we are.


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