Constructing a Kitchen

Blogging about cities I have visited may well be a thing of the past on City of Lu.

With the new house taking shape, and with all the costs that home-building entails, city breaks are completely out of the question.

I don’t mind (not at the moment, anyway) because I’m quite excited about the new house. Much more excited than I thought I would be.

The new house gives me lots of good reasons to whip out my iPhone and take photos. And click, click , clicking with my iPhone gives me an inordinate amount of pleasure. Don’t ask me why. But unlike some of my other iPhone photos (e.g. snapshots of my shoes), my work-in-progress shots of our house are proving to be a useful visual record.

Our new kitchen.

Last week a kitchen man came round and measured up our kitchen space. He said positive things about our high ceilings and pointed out that we need to take advantage of the possibilities for vertical storage.

Kitchen-man measures up.

What this means for our kitchen is that big red overhead cabinets will not look out of place. Scale won’t be an issue and we won’t feel crowded in.

The kitchen designer (a relative of kitchen man – this is Italy) gave us a rough sketch of our future kitchen. She didn’t colour in the overhead cabinets because she wasn’t convinced we should go “all red”. However, when she saw my iPhone photos of the kitchen space and its high ceilings, she could see my very red vision. I think.

Those overhead cabinets need to be coloured in red too. (Could be a job for a rainy Easter.)

We also had to choose handles for our cabinets. So many to choose from!

Sample one of kitchen cupboard handles.

Sample 2 of kitchen cupboard handles. There were more but I think I'll stop here.


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