New Red Kitchen

Last week the tiles were laid in our new house, deep in the heart of provincial Northern Italy.

We’ve already visited a furniture place and have picked out our new L-shaped kitchen. Red is our colour theme: modern, glossy red.

Some people (designers included) think that red is too strong and overwhelming for a kitchen. I disagree. I find it warm and stimulating.

And the entire space won’t be red – just the kitchen cabinets, which will be quite big because I like to put stuff away.

The rest of the space will be balanced out with neutral tones of white, silver, nude pink and timber shades. Does that sound hideous? It sounds hideous to me but I think we can pull it off.

I like all of the kitchens below and our aim is to create something similarly warm, fresh and modern – with a few rustic touches. (Easy-to-clean is another priority.)

Image via


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