Fun with Books

Over on a blog called Sentence First, I discovered a new (for me) time-wasting way to have fun with books (apart from reading them, which is only a waste of time if you really should be doing other things): Book mash poetry.

My efforts are:

Dance Dance Dance
Against interpretation,
In Praise of Shadows.
Wonderful Fool!

Man Walks into a Room –
The Gourmet
Fear and Trembling;
An Omelette and A Glass of Wine.

Low-cost fun guaranteed. I even re-discovered books I’d forgotten I had.

Speaking of which, what should one do with unwanted books?

Some time ago, I stumbled upon this blog: which has lots of creative ideas for recycling  books. For example: Turn your old book into a  lampshade (!).

Image via

However, I lack the ruthlessness to destroy a book.

Giving books away poses no problem but mutilating a book so that someone else can no longer read it (even if I don’t like the book myself or I don’t agree with the writer’s sentiments) feels very wrong, very anti-freedom of speech.

(I have no such problems with newspapers and magazines; they’re fair game.)

I want there to be books that bore me, anger me, repulse me or lie on my shelves ignored.

Who knows, they might just have the right title for creating book mash poetry.


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3 Responses to Fun with Books

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  2. chris says:

    Two great bookmash poems!
    Found your blog through Sentence First. I’ve been playing with my book titles too; great fun. Nice to see what other “bookmashers” are coming up with.

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