Lisbon Paves the Way

Lisbon has undeniably pretty pavements. The cobblestones have been arranged into visually interesting shapes and patterns.

In Praca Dom Pedro IV,  a public square, there are stony waves which invite you to move with them.

 While near the Baixa-Chiado metro station, there are diamonds.

The square in front of the Discoveries Monument has a world map, showing places the Portuguese explorers “discovered”.  You can see a sizeable part of Australia, just south of East Timor.

I’ve been thinking about floors a lot recently. We had to choose floor tiles and “parquet” for the new “house”. Some very tough decisions had to be made! Looking at Lisbon’s pavements and floors helped me to clarify a lot of ground-related issues.

I loved the floors in the church at the Jeronimos Monastery (above) – the colour combination, the diagonal arrangement and the scratches are very pleasing.

The tiles at the all-vegetarian restaurant Terra, also hit the mark. Warm, rustic, diagonally-laid – they give off a vegetarian, biodynamic, organic vibe.

I also liked the shiny, off-white tiles in our hotel reception area. In fact, I liked the overall look that had been achieved with colours, textures and shapes against the life-sized forest wall poster.

But there won’t be any shiny, off-white tiles in the new house. For a start, there won’t be the luxury of a reception area, and secondly, our contract specifies very different floor tile options.

I’m trying not to lose sleep over the flooring choices we’ve made. After all, if they turn out to be an eyesore, and if diagonal turns out to be so wrong, then an attractive rug will save the day (I hope).


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3 Responses to Lisbon Paves the Way

  1. Beautiful! I need to make it to Lisbon one day!

    Courtney Mara

  2. Aurora Ballar says:

    floor tiles that are made of marble are simply elegant.”

    Our favorite web-site

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