Lisbon: helpful travel advice?

Before heading off for Lisbon, I did some research on the internet. I wanted to find out where we should stay, where we should eat and how we should get around. Here is some “interesting” travel advice that I came across:

1. From the otherwise useful site:

Carristur runs two complementary bus transport services, connecting Lisbon’s airport with the city centre and the main transport hubs…

OK, complementary, I like the sound of that.  But then:

PRICE: 3.50€

It’s a reasonable price but not “complementary”.

2. On, bluetrailers from Dublin makes a very valid point about so-called “top” (according to tripadvisor reviewers) tourist attractions. In this case, he/she is referring to Wine Bar do Castelo:

 It’s amusing how some reviewers here are surprised that the top tourist attraction on Trip Advisor is full of tourists. If you come here expecting to discover a hidden gem you must think that the people who have reviewed this place on Trip Advisor are the only ones in the world with Internet access. Perhaps then, this place is a victim of its success. Either way, I had a fine afternoon here. It works if you are happy to be as much of a tourist here as you were when you were taking pictures of the castle or having your camera stolen in Baxia. But don’t come here expecting anything other than a very pleasant tourist attraction.

We walked past that wine bar. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to go in. (Also, it was too early in the afternoon for a glass of vino.)

Above image via

3. On Lisbon restaurant week (again from golisbon):

The Lisbon Restaurant Week is now in its 6th Edition, and has become a regular twice-yearly event in the capital, with more than 60 restaurants participating in this latest edition which runs from September 22nd to October 5th 2011.

That sounds like fun but I don’t get it. Last time I checked, a week was 7 days…

Anyway, we had a splendid and sunny time in Lisbon and I’ll be blogging all about it soon.


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