Ski Bites

Part of the allure of the Italian ski slopes is the food.

I didn’t photograph all that I ate on our short skiing holiday because frankly sometimes I was a bit too cold, tired and hungry to whip out my iPhone.

Nonetheless, I managed to get a few snaps of tasty Italian mountain food.


A very tasty bruschetta (my lunch). You can see un panino con la porchetta (roast pork on a bread roll) in the background which was the lunch of choice for all of my ski companions (!)

Pizza with prosciutto e funghi

Pizza ortolana on hipstamatic

Berry tartlet.


Pappardelle ai funghi (wide, flat pasta with mushrooms).

Mixed grilled vegetables in a dimly lit restaurant.

Chateaubriand - the most delicious meat I've had all year.

A dessert menu. What to choose - chocolate mousse, hot mixed berries with icecream, fruit flambè?


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