City of Truffles

On Sunday we went to a far-flung part of the province of Mantova to have lunch at a truffle fair with Signor Lu’s relatives.

Translation: This way to the truffle fair.

(Yes, this is another blog post about food. I think I need to get some proper hobbies plus a life while I’m at it.)

There were truffles a plenty on the menu.

There was salumi (cured pork meats) with truffles.  (I skipped this.)

Prized pork products of the region.

Then there were i primi piatti (pasta and rice dishes) containing truffles.  We shared a tris of truffle risotto, truffle tagliatelle and truffle ravioli. Delish.

"Tris" of rice and pasta dishes with truffles.

We followed this with controfiletto (sirloin steak), truffles and mushroom. Very nice.

Meat and truffle

Others at our table were sampling side dishes of scrambled egg with truffle and chips with truffle. I resisted these.

After lunch we stood in the bright autumn sunshine and chatted.

Walking to the corner.

Chatting on the corner.

Then we drove off.  The countryside looked something like this from the car window.

I always feel immensely depressed in surroundings like these, even though I’m all for eating local produce and supporting local agriculture.

The following day, I reeked of truffle – not a particularly pleasant smell – but my batteries seemed to have been recharged which is always a good thing!


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