Two Literary Guests

Today I’m continuing with the theme of “blog topics no one is interested in”  “writers I saw at the Literary Festival whose works I have not read”.

The first writer was Tèa Obreht.  She was interviewed by the Italian TV presenter, Serena Dandini (whose show, coincidentally, I have never watched).

Dandini began by exclaiming repeatedly that Obreht looked young (ma sei giovanissima!), which seemed like a very televisional thing to say.

But the fact that Obreht looks young for her 26 years, is hardly the most interesting thing about her. What’s more interesting is her life: born in the ex-Yugoslavia (now known as Serbia?), childhood spent in Mediterranean countries, immigrated to US at 12 with family, studied creative writing at university and published acclaimed first novel while young – not while merely looking young.

Dandini (left) and Obreht (middle) at the Festivaletteratura.

Obreht’s novel The Tiger’s Wife, sounds very tempting, even to someone like me who is not really into fiction at the moment.

(An interesting aside: in Italy, The Tiger’s Wife is sold under the title of L’Amante della Tigre (TRANS: The Tiger’s Lover). Does that mean lover is more marketable than wife in this country??)

Another writer I went to see was Geraldine Brooks.

Brooks is a former journalist and writes well-researched novels about semi-real, semi-fictional people (e.g her novel March is the story of the sisters’ father in Little Women and is based on Alcott’s own father).

Brooks is in the middle. Yayyy! I was sitting near the front for this event.

This was the best event I saw at the festival.  The interviewer had clearly done her homework: She made interesting observations about Brooks’ work and asked questions I wanted to hear the answers to.  Brooks, in turn, gave fascinating answers…but I find myself not up to the task of blogifying them in any particularly illuminating way.

It was another successful festival and I have no shortage of ideas as to which writers’ books I should read, should I suddenly have a craving to read something new and fictional.


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