Savouring Vienna

Not only is Vienna a coffee and cake lover’s paradise, but it has plenty of savoury delights too.

On our first night, I ate a mouthwatering wiener schnitzel with potato salad – a Viennese specialty – at Wiener Rathauskeller. The photo doesn’t do the dish justice but trust me: it was delicious.

Crumbed deliciousness

Wiener Rathauskeller

There is an Italian version of wiener schnitzel called cotoletta alla milanese.  You have to go to Milan to sample the real deal.  There is some debate as to who invented the dish, the Austrians or the Italians. Either way, when prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing, it’s scrumptious.

On day 2 of our visit, I had a tasty plate of houmous (Austrian spelling) at the authentically post-modern Cafe Leopold. Signor Lu had cake (again) and a fruit drink with some fresh ginger added to it: Yum! It’s difficult to get fresh ginger in Italy, otherwise I think I’d be adding it to everything.

Fruit drink with fresh ginger - an excellent pick-me-up.

On our final day we went to the Palmenhaus in the Burggarten and had salads for lunch (to save space for cake later on). Quite nice but a little pricey.

And one night I couldn’t resist having a sausage smothered in mustard from a street kiosk. No photo of that experience as my hands were fully occupied, but it was just what I needed at that moment (even though I usually avoid eating pork).

Not the kiosk where I bought my sausage, but similar.

As for Signor Lu, he couldn’t resist a late-night raspberry waffle with a dollop of vanilla icecream from a foodstall at Rathausplatz. Anything with berries, we discovered, is good in Vienna.

On a final note, there were drinking fountains all over the city where you could fill up your water bottles for free on clear, pleasant-tasting water from the Alps.  Great idea!

Tourists fill up their bottles at the Trink Wasser! fountains.

It was a delectable weekend! My tastebuds feel revitalized and rejuvenated. It seems they needed a break from pizza, pasta, risotto and gelato – my staple diet here in Italy.


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2 Responses to Savouring Vienna

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Oh my goodness, the food 🙂

  2. cityoflu says:

    The food was great and the water was very nice too!!

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