Summer Concerts

In summer I love going to outdoor concerts.

So far, I haven’t forked out money for tickets to see anyone.

However, twice this week I listened to two very different performers from outside the walls of Palazzo Te.  This is another advantage of outdoor summer concerts: you can listen from the sidelines for free. Of course you can’t see anything very well (if at all) but you can get a general gist of things.

Palazzo Te, Mantua. Summer concerts are at the other end of the palace, in the courtyard.

Another advantage of listening from the periphery is that you can move around more, and leave when you want…to attend to that sudden craving for gelato.

Ticketless concert goers.

Lots of people go to these concerts by bicycle.  There are few things nicer than riding a bike at night in summer (which reminds me, I must pump up my bike tyres).

Bikes parked outside Palazzo Te.

The two performers we listened to were: Cesare Cremonini (who sounded OK although some of his songs are kinda boring) and Giovanni Allevi (who I saw last summer at Villafranca).

I hope to go to some more outdoor concerts in the coming months.  Who knows, I may even splurge on tickets.


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