Swimming in Italy

Swimming has been a key part of my summer so far.

Twice a week, I’ve been going to a pool called Airone (translation: heron) which is in the middle of nowhere (in other words, just around the corner from where we live).

Airone is set in a big garden and has several pools, including an indoor one with lanes, which is where we swim.

Fortunately the swimming pool we go to is not like this one in Japan.

Above image from pink tentacle.

Outdoor pool at Airone - as you can see, not many people actually swim in it.

I am not a very good swimmer, but thanks to regular practice (in the indoor pool) and watching learn-to-swim videos on YouTube, I am steadily improving.

I have even made a friend at the pool.

So far, we have had a conversation about how it’s not OK to leave personal belongings poolside.  I must lock them safely away in a locker, apparently.

We’ve also discussed bathing caps and how swimming without one is not permitted. (I had forgotten to bring mine and had to buy a new one from reception.)

We also had a chat about how swimmers MUST enter through the main door where there is a foot sanitizer and how squeezing through the side doors is not OK. (What was I thinking?)

My half of the conversation with my new friend has consisted mainly of mi scusi, ho sbagliato (I made a mistake)  and sì, Lei ha ragione (yes, you’re right).

This new friend is a bagnino (lifeguard), of course. Unfortunately, I think he has already lost interest in me.  Last time I was there, he was reprimanding another woman for wearing an excess of dangly, chunky and expensive-looking jewellery in the pool – far stupider transgressions than mine, I like to think.

The forecast for the rest of the week is hot, hot and then hotter, so if anyone wants me, they can find me at Airone (when I’m not working).


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    We would be happy to post that shadow/foot one at toemail if you do not mind? Just need a location and we are good to go 🙂 http://toemail.wordpress.com

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    Your photo is posted now. We hope you like it and thank you for participating at toemail. We really appreciate it.

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