Tigella Party

Today we went to a tigella party.

We began the day by going to Mass.

San Michele Arcangelo

I go to Mass about once a year – just to check whether I’ve become religious or spiritual. Today’s experience suggests that I have not. The congregation seemed nice and the priest was very nice too. However, I could not stop yawning, nor could I kneel (it hurt my knees) and I had to leave the church after about 45 minutes because I thought I was going to faint.

Once outside of the church, I underwent a miraculous recovery and was able to go to the tigella party.

The hosts were S & L.  Most of the guests (about 25 in total) had been at the Mass.The priest, who is a good friend of the hosts, was there too. These people are old friends of Signor Lu’s. They go way way back and they are very nice.

There was plenty of ham.

Ham is a local specialty in this part of Italy

There was ham because ham is a natural companion to tigella.

A tray of tigella in the background. Tigella is another local specialty.

I ate my tigella with tomatoes and olive patè because I have a phobia of ham. (I fear it will make me impractically fat.)

A close-up of tigella. The tigellas were freshly prepared by P on-site. They were piping hot.

A snapshot of some of the guests. Heads have been chopped to protect identities.

So even though I had to deal with religion and ham, I had a very good Sunday.


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