Jovanotti Concert

Last Saturday, instead of staying home and watching Bored to Death, I went to a concert with Signor Lu.

We saw Jovanotti, an Italian singer-songwriter and ex-rapper (rapper or ex-rapper? I’m not sure. He’s more pop than rap these days but perhaps he still raps.)

Here is a photo from the local paper, La Gazetta di Mantova.

And here is one of the better photos  I took with my iPhone.

We were faraway but we had a good view.

The concert was a lot of fun. Jovanotti (his stage name) danced like a madman non-stop for over two hours.  Easy to see how he stays so slim. His dancing was very contagious. At certain moments it seemed like the entire audience (5,000+ people) were dancing along with him. I felt charged with positive energy after the show.

He is quite a performer. It was quite a concert.

Concert poster at local shopping centre. (I need to focus on focusing my shots, don't I?)


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2 Responses to Jovanotti Concert

  1. Marielle says:

    So the question is: do we just need more time dancing in the living room to stay slim – or do we really need a bigger audience??

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