An Italian Seaside Town

Last Sunday, workers all around Italy celebrated the annual MayDay public holiday. (What kind of sick joke is that: a public holiday for workers on a Sunday??? )

We celebrated by going to Caorle, a picturesque town on the Italian Adriatic Coast, just north of Venice.

Artist's Impression of Caorle

Signor Lu’s lovely cousins were with us. We had a seafood lunch together. (The company was great. The food was a little disappointing.) After lunch we  had a long walk by the sea.  The iodine did wonders for my hayfever.  It’s been at least a month since I’ve breathed so well. I love the way the Italians chop down anything remotely green within sniffing distance of the seashore.

Bliss for hayfever sufferers: sand, sun, salt-water and my personal favourite: concrete.

The breakwater rocks had been engraved with various  designs: crocodiles, turtles, mermaids, etc.

Engraved breakwater rocks.

The centre of Caorle (also devoid of tree pollen and blessed by cleansing seabreezes) was very cute indeed. Shops and houses painted in very gay colours.

Pretty shop buildings in the centre.

A row of gaily coloured houses.

Colourful kites floating on seabreezes.

We had a lovely sneeze-free day out.  My plan is to drag Signor Lu back to Caorle for a weekend this summer. An added bonus is that Venice is just a short ferry ride away. (We might need  a three-day weekend.)


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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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