Watching the Royal Wedding in Italy

I have to admit that my curiosity got the better of me today. I came home for lunch and couldn’t help turning on the TV to watch the Royal Wedding. (I missed half of it but they kindly replayed all the best bits).

Some insightful comments by the Italian journalists were:

  • The bride was wearing white.
  • Kate is allergic to horses.
  • The groom’s name was William.

Actually, I was barely listening. I was mostly watching.

I found out from our local paper that Kate has a connection with Mantova: The bikini(s) (yes, plural) she bought for her honeymoon were made here. (Golden Lady is the brand, in case you were wondering).

Apparently she dropped into the Goldenpoint shop in King’s Road, Chelsea and picked up 8 mix and match pieces of swimwear (it’s not clear whether this was 8 bikinis or a combination of  bikini bottoms and tops that added up to 8 items).

Even though the newlyweds are very photogenic, I think my favourite Royal Wedding image is the one below from The Guardian.

Knit your own corgi


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