Good Friday in Italy

Good Friday?

It was just like any other Friday…except the schools were closed. Everything else was open. I can never get used to the fact that Good Friday is not a public holiday here.  Not like Melbourne where I have vivid memories of EVERYTHING being closed on the Friday before the  Easter weekend: a religious and sacred observation of the ensuing public holidays (Easter Saturday, Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday even.)

But not here.  The Easter holiday is basically confined to one day: Easter Monday (Pasquetta in Italian).

At least I was able to get stuff done:

1. I went to the bank and only had to wait 20 minutes in a queue to deposit 2 paltry cheques into my account (one was from Vodafone who had FINALLY acknowledged that they had overcharged me – thank you my dears for admitting you were wrong!)

2. I took a load of documents to the accountant whose fees make Vodafone’s overcharging look amateurish (it’s all tax deductible, so they tell me).

3. I did some grocery shopping and bumped into the parents of my favourite private student.  My student was there as well – she looked bored out of her mind to be out shopping with mamma and papa, yet hopeful that some Easter treats might be in store (she’s a teenager).

4. I did some reading for my next assignment. I was hoping that this reading would CLARIFY some issues but instead it has made them seem more COMPLEX.

5. I didn’t receive any annoying phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell me things I neither want nor can afford.

Good Friday?  I’ve had worse.


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