Sunday at Lake Garda

It was another lovely Sunday here in Italy so we decided to spend the afternoon in the town of Sirmione on Lake Garda.

Our first stop was for lunch at a pizzeria called Malibu.

Pizzeria in Sirmione

Italian pizza: the best

The pizzas were delicious and disappeared very quickly.

We then walked into the old town centre of Sirmione.

A castle guards the entrance to the old town centre.

Another view of the castle (not my scooter).

After passing the castle, we walked around the old town centre.

Castle as seen from town centre.

The town centre is FULL of ice-cream shops.  And there never seems to be a shortage of customers. However, we were still full of pizza so managed to resist the lure of gelati.

One thing about living in Italy is that if you’re not in the mood for gelato, when your mood changes (as it invariably does), good gelato will not be difficult to find.

Painting of castle.

I’m sure we’ll be back in Sirmione again soon.


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