Hamlets of Charm: Borghetto sul Mincio

On Sunday we revisited the charming village of Borghetto on the River Mincio in Northern Italy.

Spring flowers on bridge over the Mincio

We decided to have lunch at Antica Locanda Mincio, a restaurant we return to every year or so because the food is truly outstanding.

Antica Locanda Mincio

The lunch was our reward for punishing ourselves with home-cooking for over two months. (My cooking isn’t all that bad – it just lacks variety.)

Everything on the menu looked good.  Choosing which dish to order, knowing that all choices would be great, is the kind of dilemma I like to have. We began with two excellent pasta dishes.

Italian pasta (i.e. the best kind)

Ravioli with duck and black truffles and bigoli with anchovy sauce

Next, we had fish: salmon and tuna, both of which had been cooked “alla brace di legna” which translates as wood-fired grill. Verdict: delicious.

Salmon and tuna

Fish dishes

Finally, just to be extra-indulgent and to celebrate the start of spring and because we have been soooo good with all our eating at home, we ordered not ONE dessert to share but TWO to share.  Good move. They were sublime!

Sorbetto al Manadarino (Mandarin Sorbet)

Chocolate pudding. Tasted 100 times than it looked.

Afterwards we walked around Lake Garda for  a few hours.  I don’t think I need to explain why.


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