Cities as Places of Peaceful Protest

Women (of Italy): If Not Now When?

On Sunday 13 February I joined one of the many demonstrations that took place in cities all over Italy.

What was the demonstration about? It was an “enough is enough” protest.

Enough trivialization of women by the media and Italian politicians!!  We’re sick of it!

Enough sleazy, self-serving, socially destructive governance.

Personally, I don’t blame any one individual in particular: it’s the entire political system that is corrupt. The hangers-on, the allies and other sycophants are every bit as bad as the man at the top.

Protesters in Rome.

Image from Corriere della Sera (Infophoto/Ravagli)

Women and men demonstrating in Mantova

(Image from La Gazzetta di Mantova.)

There were somewhere in the order of 1,000 protesters in Mantova, which is pretty good for a smallish, introverted town. There were apparently a total of about 1,000,000 protesters all over Italy.

The Prime Minister called the demonstration “shameful”, which made me wonder whether he knows what that word even means. I’d say not.

Can these sorts of demonstrations make a difference in a democracy?

Will the winds of  political change that are quite strong in the Mediterranean at the moment blow Italy’s way?


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