Australian Cities: An Italian Perspective

This week one of my private Italian students returned for more English lessons.

I hadn’t seen her for over 6 months and in that time she had been on a 1-month holiday to Australia.

She visited most of the cities and towns on the tourist route.

Here are some of her comments about her adventure:

1. Australian food is terrible.  (You will note that she is not a diplomat.) The only country on the planet with good food is Italy.

Italian food

2. Australians are fat. Italians are not fat.  (She is a thin woman herself)

3. Australians drink too much at the pub. (She is a teetotaller: don’t ask me what she was doing at the pub.)

4. The 4-star hotels are more like 2 or 3 star hotels.

5. Everything is expensive: food, petrol, accommodation.

6. There is nothing for tourists to buy except ugg boots or products containing eucalyptus.

7. It is difficult for foreign drivers to get lost because the road signs are clear. (This was a positive comment I believe.)

Italian road signs: Why be simple when you can be complex?

Despite all of these things, she said she and her husband had a wonderful holiday and they dearly want to go back! (I kinda know what she means.)


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