Valencia and the City Beneath the Sea

Wandering through the aquarium at the Oceanogràfic in Valencia, I couldn’t help but marvel at the complexity and diversity of the cities that lie beneath the sea.

Life in those watery cities seems much like our own.

Example: A tank of creatures and plants that live in the splash zone were described as follows:


Can you imagine living in the sea and being permanently lashed by the waves?  Wouldn’t it be annoying?  There are many species that live in this “splash zone”.  Some of them cling to the rocks while others are excellent swimmers.  Barnacles and mussels protect themselves with their hard shells while actiniae have soft bodies and roll up into a ball when hit by the waves. It is due to such tough environmental conditions that these different organisms have developed several survival strategies.

(Actiniae are sea anemones or related creatures.)

I once worked in a school that was a veritable “splash zone”. Some of the teachers (and students) were excellent swimmers. Some of these excellent swimmers were also sharks. (OK so I’m stretching the metaphor: the only sharks you would find in the splash zone would be dead ones.)

Me? My survival strategy was very barnacle-like.

I’m glad I’m not there anymore.


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