Footnotes on Valencia

Any city that has something to say about feet, or has something to offer feet,  is a good city by my standards.

Valencia meets that standard.

On our recent trip, we came across the fabulous Flip Flop Fish at the entrance to the Oceanogràfic.

The Flip Flop Fish

Here is his story:

“After the big flip-flop search on Fuerteventura’s coastline and with a lot of help from friends and fellow surfers, we finally managed to gather 250 single flip-flops that had been washed onto the shore. Luis de Dios and Xandi Kreuzeder built the fish in a non-stop 24-hour effort, right on the beach of Praia Esquinzo. For the film project, they carried the fish into the water and let him swim…a small gesture to the world.  To see the making of the FlipFlop Fish please visit”

Later on during our trip, we visited the City of Arts and Science where there was an exhibition called CVIDA.  This exhibition explored biomechanics and featured a foot mapping machine. The machine operated on the same principle as the hokey-pokey: you put your right foot in, you put your right foot out…then you repeat with the left foot.  There was no shaking it all about, however; instead you got an analysis of your foot.

It came as no surprise that I have two completely different types of feet.  Not only that, they are different sizes as well!!!

My left me, it's better if the analysis of my right foot remains a secret.

Signor Lu’s feet were a perfect matching pair. Of course.

At the same exhibition, I also discovered that in spite of my odd feet, I have excellent balance. That’s good to know.

So, if you have a perfectly innocent thing for feet, Valencia could be the right destination for you!  (But you might also like to consider the wonderful Wonderfish! Spa in Hong Kong.)


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Secret Agent Lu likes travelling, reading, neuroses (all kinds), the Orient, cities, feet and science.
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3 Responses to Footnotes on Valencia

  1. toemailer says:

    Wow, that foot thing is amazing! I would like to blog about it at some point. Does that place have a website?

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