Valencia: a Modern, Mediterranean City

Across the sea lies the sparking Spanish city of Valencia where you can find a harmonious mix of:

Old Town grandeur;

playful, sea-shaped structures;

urban orange groves;

and seaside esplanades.

There are smart shops and modern, functional means of public transport.

Our short stay involved pintxos, freshly squeezed orange juice and paella.



Our short stay also involved lots of walking under mild Spanish skies.  Everyone was walking in the attractive, well-kept squares and the pretty Old Town streets.  The temperature was ideal for strolling: it reached 24 degrees celsius one day!  in January!!

Plaza de la Virgen

We watched a loud, colourful street parade on the evening of the epiphany.  The 3 magi arrived with bells, whistles and more.

We spoke English, Italian and un poco Español…if I picked up any Spanish at all, it was that which is virtually identical to Italian.

I highly recommend the modern, Mediterranean city of Valencia as a short but sweet winter getaway destination.


La Playa



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