Delights of Autumn


Autumnal afternoon walk by the lake in Mantova.


One of the pleasures of living in Italy is the food. Every season has its delights and autumn is certainly no exception.

A birthday is a good excuse to go out to a nice restaurant.  This year we went to one of the trattorias in Piazza Erbe for Signor Lu’s special day.



Piazza Erbe, Mantova



We didn't eat outside. It was a bit cold.


Nobody was dining outside.  Everyone was inside where it was warm.


Autumn menu.


The menu offered a range of seasonal delights.  Mushrooms featured prominently (finferli, porcini).  As mushroom-lovers, we couldn’t resist these dishes.


Pappardelle con porcini. Yum!



Tagliolini con finferli. Delicious!


Then there was the main course (or secondi as they say here).  Stinco di maiale cremolato (pork shanks) for the husband and Insalata di Cappone (Capon salad – capon being an upmarket type of poultry) for me. Lots of couples ordered the same combination:  Him – pig; her- bird.  Very predictable.


Stinco di maiale con patate.



Insalata di cappone. Seriously delicious stuff.


We also had dessert.  Sorry no photos but one was rich and chocolatey and the other was an indulgent concoction of marscapone and hazelnuts.  Oh, and we drank a local white wine called Custoza.  We enjoyed everything we ate, which is how it should be when you eat out.

Final bill? 78.50 euros.


Mantova by night.



Mantova by night again.



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2 Responses to Delights of Autumn

  1. Marielle says:

    Happy birthday, Signor Lu! (I nearly gave your name away). I didn’t realize you and Signora Lu had birthdays so close to one another…

    Lu, all the food descriptions, photos (and the bill) made me quite envious! I’m so hungry now, I’ve just sent Jim to the kitchen to hasten his curry pie.(He does make a nice curry pie, including his own pastry.) But how could you forget the dessert photos??! My virtual meal is incomplete…

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