New Build Nastiness

Whoops!  I have committed the gravest of blogging sins: failure to blog!  And for no particular reason.

I can’t blame it on work.  I haven’t been working excessively.

I can’t blame it on my health, either.  I had a mild cold but I wasn’t so sick that I couldn’t turn my computer on.

Nor can I say that I have been busy finishing off War and Peace. I’m getting VERY close to the end but I’m not there yet. And believe me, I’ll blog about Tolstoy’s lesser masterpiece when I finish it.

What have I been doing then?  I have been looking at houses  – together with Signor Lu  – but it hasn’t been occupying all of our time.

Also, a real estate guy came over to “value” our flat.  This meant that we had a big clean-up before his visit, just to create a favourable impression. The clean-up was moderately time-consuming.

But the real estate guy spent most of his time talking down Italian new builds rather than admiring how well I had polished the door knobs.

He confirmed something we had already found out first hand: many of the new builds in our area ( i.e. the type of house/flat we are considering buying) are rubbish.

Another new build goes up in Northern Italy.

The primary defects are:

• too big

• too small

• poorly made

• poorly designed.

Let me give you some examples of poor design:

1. Houses/flats with a small garden that cannot be accessed from the garage.  This means that any gardening tools/lawn-mowing equipment would have to be dragged from the garage through the house to the garden.  Doesn’t seem very practical to me.

Pruning your pomegranate tree could be a bother if the only access to your garden was through the house.

2. Open plan living spaces where the entrance/kitchen/dining and lounge areas are one medium size room.  (Open plan living has its advantages and can look quite stylish – go to  Apartment Therapy to see some fine examples).  However, some of the open plan houses/flats we’ve seen have no window in the kitchen.  And no extraction system either.  So where do all the cooking odours go?

Suddenly I ‘m loving our current flat with its separate kitchen and big windows a little bit more.

The amazing thing is that people are buying these highly defective homes.  Why?????? I’m sure they have good reasons. (Affordability, for example.)

However, this will only encourage construction companies to build more homes that I would not want to buy, let alone live in.

More new build madness.

Fortunately we are not in a hurry to buy a new place.

The search goes on…


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