Howth: A Day Trip from Dublin

Howth is a very picturesque fishing village just a short train ride away from Dublin.


As soon as we got off the train we walked along Howth’s 2 piers. From the pier closest to the station, we saw some very big aquatic mammals who were living proof  that if you stay in the water for too long, your skin will wrinkle.

Adorable seals

Crowd-pleasing seal at Howth

After walking along the piers, we went on a rather long walk near the coastal cliffs which were attractively covered in purple heather and yellow gorse. Lovely.

Coastal cliff walking path in Howth.

Signor Lu on walking path at Howth.

After our walk, we lunched at the Oar House on deliciously fresh local seafood.  Thank you Lonely Planet Guide for the recommendation.

The Oar House restaurant in Howth.

At the table behind us, there was a group of young Italian men who ordered their lunch in very tortured English (no, they weren’t MY students.  Judging from their accents, they were from Rome).  Sorry, but I didn’t turn around and take a photo of them.

In the town centre there was a Sunday market selling alluringly plump berries and cherries (amongst other things).

We bought some blueberries here.

Howth is well-worth a visit.


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