Teaching English

Last week I finished teaching the second level of a basic English course for adults.

There were 14 students in the class: 7  from the first level and 7 “new entries”.

Some of the new entries had a higher level of English than the others, which is always a challenge for the teacher.  One of the new students dropped out after just 2 lessons because his level of English was too advanced for the class.  The remaining students were relieved: he had scared them with his superior language proficiency.

Another student, who one night described himself as an ” old fox”, gave me a present of a parmesan cheese showbag (goodies bag? free samples bag?).

The contents of the bag were:

  • a large wedge of parmesan cheese
  • a dozen or so individually packaged, snack-size pieces of parmesan cheese (all gone!)
  • a parmesan cheese knife
  • a parmesan cheese pencil
  • a parmesan cheese pen
  • a book about Italian cheese (very authoritative, with mouth-watering suggestions of Italian wine and Italian cheese combinations)
  • pamphlets about parmesan cheese

All items were appreciated, especially the edible ones.

Throughout the course, most of the class confessed to a love of pizza (myself included).

Accordingly, after the last lesson we all went to a local pizzeria together to celebrate.  (It wasn’t the same place that we went to after the end of the first level course.)

The company was good but the pizzas were not.  One person declared his to be “insipida” – tasteless.  We all agreed.

It often happens that you get a poorer quality of pizza when you go out with a group.

And even pizza restaurants in Italy have off nights.


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